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What We Stand For

Building Bridges in Central Brooklyn. We believe the American Dream is the greatest dream as immigrants.



Programs and events each month

From after-school programs to adult literacy programs, family support services to health and wellness initiatives: we cover all of the bases of our community’s needs.



Years Serving Central Brooklyn

Co-founded in 2006 by brothers Fr. Juan Luxama and Porez Luxama, we are proud to have become a fixture of our Central Brooklyn community.



Youth and Immigrant families Impacted

We work extremely hard to ensure that all youth and families in need receive the resources that they deserve.

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Our Programs

Life of Hope provides numerous programs in Central Brooklyn where youth, immigrant, and at-need families can feel safe, welcome, and connected.


The “Santa Se Lavi” (Health is Life) program was created to ensure health equity within our community. We provide important health information with culturally relevant and multilingual resources, serving with a focus on women’s health.

youth development

Our After School Program encourages students to identify and grow their skills. With multiple options, such as art programs and leadership programs, students are sure to find and develop skills for life, gain professional experience, and prepare for college or vocational training.

adult Education and Family Support

Our Literacy Program and ESOL classes provide support to help adult immigrants for whom English is a second language. We aim to help students gain comfort with the language to navigate their daily lives. Life of Hope additionally offers a Computer Literacy course to help community members gain fundamental skills such as Microsoft Office, internet browsing, online resumes, and online banking.

LOH Ministry

With Facebook Live streams each week, hosted by Fr. Juan Luxama, and numerous events, the Life of Hope Ministry actively empowers youth and immigrants spiritually, providing support, guidance, and hope.

Ayiti Nou la toujou (ANLT)

Our ANLT events celebrate the legacy and contributions of Haitian-Americans in the Diaspora. We create a safe space for Haitian-Americans to express the rich heritage and culture of Haiti while connecting with each other and the community at large.

Community Empowerment

By providing forums in which community members and local politicians can voice their concerns and needs, we are empowering the residents of Central Brooklyn. Life of Hope is proud to offer Citizenship Prep to help guide immigrants in their journey to becoming a U.S. citizen.

Irina Ouedraogo, community member

“It was time to have a center that prioritized informing and assisting community members with great resources and helped change lives as a result.”

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Get Involved

Life of Hope is a center for the Central Brooklyn community. We are grateful to have the support and involvement of those near and far who believe in our contributions to raising up our community’s youth and immigrant families. There are many ways to get involved!


Our goal is to teach our interns skills that can be applied throughout their careers.


Sponsorships are prime opportunities to support our objective of empowering youth and immigrant families.

Make a Donation

Life of Hope is a 501(c)(3) organization. Any donation given will help us provide year-round programming. Together, we can support immigrant youth and adults by providing avenues for advancement, self-sufficiency, and access to information.

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