Youth Programs


Target demographics (age, income level, geographic location, barriers, etc.):

Participants are low-income school students.  The designation of low-income is based on the following criteria:  family is eligible for Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF); family with one or more incarcerated member; or student who receives a free or reduced cost school lunch.  LOH recruits participants who mostly live or attend school in Flatbush and East Flatbush. The majority of participants are either Haitian immigrants themselves or children of immigrant parents.     


The program screens a number of candidates who will participate in a pre-orientation.  This provides youth with hands-on, experiential instruction that covers a series of professional skills that include time management, writing professional emails, and the creation of a working resume.  Special emphasis is placed on financial literacy training so that students are able to manage their incentive stipend.

After School Program

This program serves youth in Central Brooklyn. Our approach is to help students identify a skill that can become a future career opportunity. Instructors use drawing, photography and dance as ways to engaged marginalized communities. We work closely with each partner to identify times and program options that best match the needs of our youth.

Youth Empowerment

The core principles of our youth empowerment is leadership and culture. We develop our curriculum by the feedback community groups and supported by feedback youth participants that lay out the WHY's and HOW's. We are here to specially help elementary, middle and high school students with: Values, Attitudes, and Perceptions.

A critical component of the program is an opportunity for participants to volunteer, intern and gain professional experience, and engage with the community.

Timoun Jodi, Granmoun Demen (TJGD)

TJGD is a mentoring program designed to assist at-risk youth with exposure to higher education, preparation for college or vocational training, and opportunities in the areas of skill building, goal setting and career exploration.

We ensure that all of our students are challenged to think in creative and innovative ways.